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 Introducing the Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship
and its Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course

The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship exists in order to make known to its members the ideas
philosophy of some of the greatest Yoga Teachers in the world, and provide a teaching and expertise that will equip its graduate teachers with the right background and teaching, so that they may become among some of the best in the field of Yoga, (see: Yoga Teacher Training Course).

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We are not an other worldly organisation that does not have its feet upon the ground, as some of the best spiritual ideas have a profound practical basis and are of value in raising the level of human consciousness.

The spirit of the organisation is one of cooperation and friendship, with each student encouraged to work and develop in the best way possible for them. Yoga is not about turning out teachers who speak with the same voice, as it encourages uniqueness, the development of self-response-ability, and the discovery of the unique talents that often lie dormant within an individual.

There are almost as many ways of teaching Yoga as there are individuals, as some are more intellectual than others, some devotional and feeling and others of a more practical disposition, and each Yoga student/teacher will inevitably attract those practitioners who like their particular style and approach.

There are many great teachers who have preceded us and left their mark on the history of Yoga, but it does not have to stop with them, as the modern teachers are also making their contribution, which the CYF will encourage, by sharing ideas, teaching procedures and the fresh insights gained through meditation.

Yoga means Union in every sense of the word, not only with the highest, but also with the discovery of the link factors that will make us complete as human beings. This does not mean abandoning our own religious beliefs or customs, but enables us to grow in understanding, tolerance and acceptance of each other .

Gordon Smith,
Founder Member.   

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